Emergency Regulations Under Review

You may view the contents of a proposed emergency rulemaking currently under review by OAL by clicking on the link(s) below. The material posted here is the Form 400, the proposed text and the finding of emergency, as submitted by the rulemaking agency. These documents may be revised or withdrawn during the OAL review process.

Unless the emergency situation clearly poses such an immediate, serious harm that delaying action to allow public comment would be inconsistent with the public interest, OAL must allow five calendar days for public comments after posting a notice of the filing of a proposed emergency regulation on this website. Unless otherwise indicated below, the proposed emergency regulations are posted the day they are filed with OAL.

Questions concerning the emergency regulations should be directed to the rulemaking agency’s contact person. For questions about the emergency regulation process, see the Emergency Rulemaking Process page or contact the OAL Reference Attorney at (916) 323-6815 or staff@oal.ca.gov. If you wish to make comments on a regulation listed here, please send them to the agency contact person and the OAL Reference Attorney at staff@oal.ca.gov.

Date Submitted to OALOAL File No.AgencyAffected Subject/CCR Sections Agency Contact
08-16-20172017-0816-01E Department of Food and AgricultureTitle 3

Amend Section: 3439
Kyle Beucke
Ph: (916) 403-6741
Email: Kyle.Beucke@cdfa.ca.gov
08-10-20172017-0810-01EECalifornia Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act Board Title 10

Adopt Sections: 9000, 9001, 9002, 9003, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007
Carrie Fisher Stone
Ph: (916) 653-0665
Fax: (916) 589-2860
Email: carrie.fisherstone@treasurer.ca.gov
08-07-20172017-0807-02EDepartment of State HospitalsEmergency - Sexually Violent Predator Act (SVPA) Evaluations Processes

Title 9

Adopt Sections: 4020, 4020.1
Amy Whiting
Ph: (916) 651-3247
Fax: (916) 651-3090
Email: Amy.Whiting@dsh.ca.gov
07-28-20172017-0728-01EEDepartment of Food and AgricultureMediterranean Interior Quarantine and Eradication

Title 3

Amend Sections: 3591.5(b), 3406(c)
Dean Kelch
Ph: (916) 403-6650
Email: Dean.Kelch@cdfa.ca.gov