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Legal Advice

OAL does not provide legal advice. OAL is able to respond to questions regarding the statutes and regulations covering California rulemaking. (See Government Code section 11340 et seq. and Title 1, CCR, section 1 et seq.) and the status of regulations filed with OAL.

Questions for OAL

OAL does not provide general legal advice. An OAL attorney will be on duty during regular business hours as a Reference Attorney. The Reference Attorney will respond to questions regarding:

  1. the statutes and regulations governing California rulemaking (See Government Code, chapter 3.5, section 11340 et seq. in the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) and Title 1, CCR, section 1 et seq. (OAL regulations); and
  2. the status of regulations filed with OAL.

You may contact the Reference Attorney via telephone at (916) 323-6815 or via email at for information on these issues.

If you have a question about divorce, prisoner’s rights, employment law, government benefit programs, landlord-tenant disputes, health care, traffic tickets or any other issue NOT related to the adoption of a regulation or rulemaking, we do not have the expertise to help you. For help with such legal issues, please contact your local Bar Association’s lawyer referral service. In Sacramento, the phone number for referral to an attorney is (916) 564-6707.

Regulations involving a particular subject or section are available in the California Code of Regulations (CCR) section of this website.

If you need a copy of a regulation, the history of a regulation, or an interpretation of a regulation, contact the adopting agency directly. A State Agency Index is available on the left side of this webpage.

If you have a question about a proposed regulation or the rulemaking process, please contact the Reference Attorney at (916) 323-6815 or via email at

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