Past OAL News/Information

OAL published a Notice of Intention to Amend its Conflict of Interest Code in the October 2, 2015 Notice Register.   Please click here for copies of the Notice and other related documents.

OAL has issued its Final Determination Following the State Allocation Board’s Response concerning the Order to Show Cause on a Legislative Request for Priority Review of a Regulation.    Please click here to view the Final Determination and other documents associated with the Legislative Request for Priority Review.

The Office of Administrative Law is pleased to announce the appointment of its new deputy director, Beverly Johnson.

The Office of Administrative Law is pleased to announce the appointment of its new director, Debra M. Cornez.

Materials from the Special Presentation by OAL on the Effects of SB 617.   Materials from OAL’s recent presentation for state agencies concerning the passage of SB 617 (Stats. 2011, c. 496) and its effects on the rulemaking process — “Regulation Development and Analysis Under the California APA — effects of SB 617” are still available:  Regulation Development and Analysis Under the California APA – February 2012 and SB 617 (Stats. 2011, c. 496) in underline/strikeout format    

RULEMAKING ALERT FOR NOTICES AND RULEMAKINGS IN 2012! — THE APA REQUIRES NEW PRE-NOTICE ACTIVITIES AND NEW CONTENT REQUIREMENTS FOR NOTICES OF PROPOSED RULEMAKING PUBLISHED AFTER JANUARY 1, 2012 AND ACCOMPANYING INITIAL STATEMENT OF REASONS.  OAL will not publish a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking submitted for publication in the California Regulatory Notice Register after January 1, 2012, if the notice and its accompanying initial statement of reasons do not demonstrate that the rulemaking agency has complied with all applicable new and existing pre-notice APA requirements.   Please see 2011 Amendments to the Administrative Procedure Act for more information, including SB 617 (Stats. 2011, ch. 496) which amended the APA.

CHANGES TO OAL WEBSITE LINKS On October 21, 2009, the folder structure of the OAL website changed when OAL switched to a new website management program. If you bookmarked a web page on the OAL website prior to October 21, you may need to create a new bookmark. We may make additional folder changes as part of this transition and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact OAL at if you have difficulty finding a specific page to bookmark.