Request for Priority Review of Regulation

Pursuant to Government Code section 11349.7, at the request of the Legislature, the Office of Administrative shall conduct a Priority Review of existing regulations in the California Code of Regulations (CCR).

OAL received a legislative request to review existing section 1859.2 of Title 2 of the CCR concerning State Allocation Board’s Form 50-04, Application for Funding.   The following are documents associated with this Priority Review Request:

October 17, 2012:    OAL’s Determination Following Response of the State Allocation Board to the Determination on Request for Priority Review and Order to Show Cause

September 14, 2012:    State Allocation Board’s Response Brief

September 17, 2012:    Declaration of Lisa Jones in Response to OAL’s Order to Show Cause

September 4, 2012:    Declaration of David Zian in Response to OAL’s Order to Show Cause

Exhibit:    Public School Construction Cost Reduction Guidelines

Exhibit:    School Construction News.Com

Exhibit:    Proposition O Performance Audit Release, March 22, 2012

July 10, 2012:    Determination and Order to Show Cause

April 27, 2012:    Notice of Legislative Request for Priority Review of Regulation sent to interested parties.

April 16, 2012:    Priority Review Request and Documents