Emergency Regulations Under Review

The following table lists proposed emergency rulemaking actions that have been submitted to OAL and are currently under review. If you would like copies of documents specific to any emergency rulemaking, you should request the documents from the contact person for the agency as listed in the table below. 

Unless the emergency situation clearly poses such an immediate, serious harm that delaying action to allow public comment would be inconsistent with the public interest, OAL must allow five calendar days for public comments after posting a notice of the filing of a proposed emergency regulation on this website. Unless otherwise indicated below, notice of the filing of a proposed emergency rulemaking is posted on this site the day the emergency action is filed with OAL.

Questions concerning the emergency regulations should be directed to the rulemaking agency’s contact person. For questions about the emergency regulation process, see the Emergency Rulemaking Process page or contact the OAL Reference Attorney at (916) 323-6815 or staff@oal.ca.gov. If you wish to make comments on a regulation listed here, please send them to the agency contact person and the OAL Reference Attorney at staff@oal.ca.gov.

Date Submitted to OALOAL File NumberAgencySubject of RulemakingCalifornia Code of Regulation (CCR) Title(s) and Section(s) AffectedContact Person
March 2, 20212021-0302-01EEducation Audit Appeals PanelSupplement to Audits of K-12 LEAs- FY 2020-21Title 5

Adopt Sections: 19811
Amend Section: 19810

Mary C. Kelly
Phone Number: (916) 445-7745
Fax Number: (916) 445-7626
Email Address: mkelly@eaap.ca.gov
March 1, 20212021-0301-02ECalifornia Gambling Control CommissionFinancial Report Requirements and Temporary Table DecreasesTitle 4

Adopt Section: 12474.1

Amend Sections: 12313, 12470, 12472 and 12474
Adrianna Alcala-Beshara
Phone Number: (916) 261-4259
Email Address: AAlcalaBeshara@cgcc.ca.gov
February 26, 2021 2021-0226-02EFish and Game Commission2021 Recreational Clam, Sand Crab, and Shrimp Gear Emergency RuleTitle 14

Amend Sections: 29.20, 29.80
David Thesell
Phone Number: (916) 653-4899
Email: Harold.Thesell@FGC.ca.gov