Disapproval Decisions


Decision NumberAgency/Subject
2019-0214-01SRFair Employment and Housing Council(Fair Housing)


Decision NumberAgency/Subject
2018-1226-03CDepartment of Social Services (Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act)

2018-1010-08SCalifornia Horse Racing Board (Altering of Sex of Horse)
2018-1001-01SDepartment of Social Services (IHSS Program General Exception Requirements)
2018-0918-01SBureau of Real Estate Appraisers (Form Updates)
2018-0907-03SDepartment of Business Oversight (Student Loan Servicing Act Regulations, Pro 01/17)
2018-0824-01SDepartment of Managed Health Care)(General Licensure Requirements
2018-0823-02SState Water Resources Control Board (Point-of-Use and Point-of-Entry Treatment - Permanent Regulations)

2018-0801-02SRFish and Game Commission (Commercial Use of Native Rattlesnakes for Biomedical Purposes)


Decision NumberAgency/Subject
2017-1221-02SCalifornia Highway Patrol (Tire Traction Devices)
2017-1020-01SBoard of Registered Nursing
(Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Practitioners)
2017-1013-07SDivision of Labor Standards Enforcement (Child Performer Services Permit)
2017-0920-05SBoard of Parole Hearings (Comprehensive Risk Assessments)
2017-0825-03SRDepartment of Corrections and Rehabilitation ( Administration of Death Penalty - Lethal Injection)
2017-0724-02SBoard of Registered Nursing(Credit for Military Education/Experience)
2017-0623-01SDepartment of Food and Agriculture
(Natural Gas Motor Vehicle Fuels)
2017-0427-01SCalifornia Gambling Control Commission (Playing Books for TPPPS and Gambling Businesses)
2017-0420-02SBoard of Forestry and Fire Protection (Working Forest Management Plan)
2017-0417-04S Bureau of Automotive Repair (Mobile Automotive Repair Advertising)
2017-0413-02SDental Board of California
(Fee Increase)
2017-0317-02SDepartment of Parks and Recreation (Off-trail Restrictions - Preserves and Reserves)
2017-0310-03SBoard of Chiropractic Examiners (Application for License and CE Requirements)
2017-0213-01SDepartment of Alcoholic Beverage Control ( Protests; Protest Process)
2017-0126-01CROffice of Spill Prevention and Response (Oil Spill Prevention Administration Fund Fee)
2017-0120-01SDepartment of Housing and Community Development (Uniform Multifamily Regulations)
2017-0104-02SSpeech-Language Pathology and Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensers Board ( Speech-Language Pathology Assistants)


Decision NumberAgency/Subject
2016-1220-02SSpeech-Language Pathology and Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensers Board (Fees)
2016-1213-04SCalifornia Horse Racing Board( Application for License to Conduct a Horse Racing Meeting)
2016-1213-01SBoard of Behavioral Sciences (English as a Second Language)
2016-1201-03SCalifornia Horse Racing Board (Jockey's Riding Fee)
2016-1130-01SBoard of Pharmacy (Disciplinary Guidelines)
2016-1109-02SBoard of Pharmacy (Travel Medications)
2016-1104-02SDepartment of Corrections and Rehabilitation (Administration of Death Penalty - Lethal Injection)
2016-1028-02SDepartment of Industrial Relations (Workers’ Compensation-Self-Insurance)
2016-1025-04SOsteopathic Medical Board of California (Uniform Standards and Disciplinary Guidelines)
2016-0921-03SCommission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (Training and Testing Specifications)
2016-0830-01SAcupuncture Board (Sponsored Free Health Care Events)
2016-0825-01SProfessional Fiduciaries Bureau (Client Notification)
2016-0804-02CDepartment of Corrections and Rehabilitation (Searches and Inspections - Canines)
2016-0616-01SPhysical Therapy Board of California (English Proficiency)
2016-0603-02SBoard of Pharmacy (Advanced Practice Pharmacist)
2016-0516-04SDepartment of Public Health (Forensic Alcohol Testing Laboratories)
2016-0420-02SRState Lands Commission (Administrative Hearings - Procedure)
2016-0329-04NDepartment of Child Support Services (REPEAL of MPP Chapter 12-500)
2016-0329-06SBoard of Accountancy (Fees)
2016-0210-02SRCalifornia Energy Commission (Amendments to Appliance Efficiency Regulations)
2016-0211-02SSpeech-Language Pathology and Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensers Board (Hearing Aid Dispensers Continuing Education)
2016-0125-04SVeterinary Medical Board (Civil Penalties for Citation)
2016-0104-01SBoard of Equalization (Manufacturing and Research & Development Equipment)


Decision NumberAgency/Subject
2015-1224-02SDepartment of Transportation (Affordable Sales Program)
2015-1123-01SRDivision of the State Architect (Certified Access Specialist Program)
2015-1002-02SRDepartment of Social Services (Kin-GAP Minor/Non-Minor Former Dependents)
2015-1016-01SDepartment of Motor Vehicles (Commercial Driver Licenses)
2015-1014-02SBoard of Behavioral Sciences (Examination Restructure)
2015-1013-07SCemetery and Funeral Bureau (Private Cemeteries: Limited Liability)
2015-1012-01SBoard of Optometry (Medical Evaluations and Unprofessional Conduct)
2015-1002-02SDepartment of Social Services (Kin-GAP Minor/Non-Minor Former Dependents)
2015-0930-01SDepartment of Parks and Recreation (Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Grants and Cooperative Agreement)
2015-0925-01SBoard of Psychology (Uniforms Standards / Disciplinary Guidelines)
2015-0722-03SDental Hygiene Committee of California (Approval of RDH Educational Programs)
2015-0605-04SRMental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission (Mental Health Services Act Prevention and Early Intervention)
2015-0420-03SDepartment of Justice (Amendment of Health Facility Transactions Regulations)
2015-0224-02SDental Hygiene Committee of California (Educational Program)
2015-0305-01SCalifornia Horse Racing Board (Safety Vest Required)
2015-0205-02SDental Hygiene Committee of California (Remedial Education)
2015-0130-02SRCalifornia Prison Industry Authority (Personnel)
2015-0121-01SBoard of Chiropractic Examiners (Sponsored Free Healthcare Events)


Decision NumberAgency/Subject
2014-1202-04SOffice of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (Proposition 65 Adoption of Labor Code)
2014-1201-02SCalifornia Horse Racing Board (Horse Ineligible to Start in a Race)
2014-1120-01SCalifornia Apprenticeship Council (Audit of Apprenticeship Programs)
2014-1106-02SDepartment of Rehabilitation (Grant Process)
2014-1028-01SVeterinary Medical Board (Spay-Neuter Specialized License Plate)
2014-1024-01SRDepartment of Water Resources (Encroachment Permit Program for Department of Water Resources)
2014-0908-03SDepartment of Managed Health Care (Cancellation, Rescission, Non-renewal of Coverage)
2014-0827-02SMedical Board of California (Implementation of Senate Bill 1441)
2014-0826-02SOffice of Emergency Services (California Accidental Release Prevention [CalARP] Program)
2014-0630-04SNatural Resources Agency (Trail Use and Tool Use in State Parks)
2014-0606-03SAir Resources Board (Evaporative Emissions from Off-Highway Recreational Vehicles)
2014-0528-04SAir Resources Board (Vapor Recovery Systems at GDFs and Cargo Tanks)
2014-0131-02SRDepartment of Justice (Electronic Recording Delivery System)


Decision NumberAgency/Subject
2013-1205-02SVeterinary Medical Board (Registered Veterinary Technician School Approval)
2013-0913-06SBoard of Pharmacy (Pedigree Requirements)
2013-0911-01SCalifornia Institute for Regenerative Medicine (IP Amendments)
2013-0819-03SDepartment of Toxic Substances Control (Standards of Management of Hazardous Waste Solar Modules)
2013-0718-03SDepartment of Toxic Substances Control (Safer Consumer Products)
2013-0617-06SPhysical Therapy Board of California (Fingerprint and Disclosure Requirements)
2013-0531-01SCalifornia Architects Board (Requirements for an Approved Extension Certificate Program)
2013-0426-01SDepartment of Justice (Nonprofit Organization Registration Fees)
2013-0322-01SStructural Pest Control Board (Citation and Fine, Disciplinary Guidelines)
2013-0131-02SCommission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (Peace Officer Psychological Evaluation)
2013-0131-04SCalifornia Horse Racing Board (Exchange Wagering)
2013-0122-02SRBoard of Forestry and Fire Protection (Defensible Space Regulations, 2012)


Decision NumberAgency/Subject
2012-1221-02SDental Hygiene Committee of California (Sponsored Free Health Care Events)
2012-1210-03SBoard of Accountancy (Retired Status)
2012-1026-01SVeterinary Medical Board (Minimum Standards of Veterinary Practice)
2012-0926-02SDepartment of Motor Vehicles (Electronic Lien and Title Program)
2012-0918-04SSpeech-Language Pathology and Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensers Board (Enforcement Program Enhancements)
2012-0816-02SFish and Game Commission (Public Use of Department and Fish and Game Lands)
2012-0801-07SEmergency Medical Services Authority (Paramedic)
2012-0731-02SCalifornia Gambling Control Commission (MICS II; Gambling Floor Operations & House Rules)
2012-0730-01SAir Resources Board (Vapor Recovery Certification and Test Procedures)
2012-0716-03SDepartment of General Services (Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Certification and Participation)
2012-0711-02SEmergency Medical Services Authority (Emergency Medical Technician)
2012-0601-01SSuperintendent of Public Instruction (TrustLine Registration to be an Eligible Provider)
2012-0430-02SDental Hygiene Committee of California (Cite and Fine)
2012-0316-01SRVictim Compensation and Government Claims Board (Rule 649.32 Verification of Income or Support Loss)
2012-0224-03SDepartment of Resources Recycling and Recovery (Product Stewardship for Paint)
2012-0215-07SDepartment of Housing and Community Development (Community Development Block Grant Program)
2012-0210-07SDepartment of Resources Recycling and Recovery (Rigid Plastic Packaging Containers)
2012-0210-04SMedical Board of California (Sponsored Free Health Care Events)


Decision NumberAgency/Subject
2011-1219-04CDepartment of Water Resources (Agricultural Water Measurement)
2011-1213-01SBoard of Barbering and Cosmetology (Passing Grades and Examinations)
2011-1207-02SSecretary of State (Trustworthy Electronic Document or Record Preservation)
2011-1025-03SDepartment of Parks and Recreation (Habitat Conservation Fund Program; Eight Guides for Program)
2011-0921-01SOffice of the State Fire Marshal (Fire Extinguishers Vehicle Signage)
2011-0818-03SDepartment of Personnel Administration (Substance Abuse)
2011-0817-04SDivision of Juvenile Justice (Parole Violation Process, Dentention and Revocation, Hearings Appeals)
2011-0722-04SFish and Game Commission (Marine Protected Areas)
2011-0722-05SState Athletic Commission (License Fees, Hand Wraps, License Denial/Revocation Procedure, etc.)
2011-0418-01SBoard of Barbering and Cosmetology (Administrative Fine Schedule)
2011-0422-03EState Allocation Board (Leroy F. Greene School Facilities Act of 1998; Labor Compliance Program)
2011-0316-01SBoard of Parole Hearings (Psychological Risk Assessments)
2011-0215-01SDepartment of Fair Employment and Housing (Procedural Regulations)
2011-0210-03SBoard of Education (Charter Revocation and Revocation Appeals)
2011-0120-01SDepartment of Food and Agriculture (Amending Weights and Measures Civil Penalties)
2011-0104-01SDepartment of Motor Vehicles (Commercial Driver Licenses: Disqualification of Drivers)
2011-0105-01SCalifornia Highway Patrol (Pupil Activity Buses)
2011-0106-02SDepartment of Food and Agriculture (Direct Marketing)


Decision NumberAgency/Subject
2010-1221-03SAir Resources Board (SF6 Gas Insulated Switchgear)
2010-1202-02SVeterinary Medical Board (Schedule of Fees)
2010-1119-01NEmergency Medical Services Authority (Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic)
2010-1112-03SDepartment of Managed Health Care (Discount Health Plans)
2010-1101-07SBoard of Chiropractic Examiners (Continuing Education and Annual License Renewals)
2010-0820-01SDepartment of Insurance (Underwritten Title Company Limitation on Liability)
2010-0715-02SVeterinary Medical Board (Principal Address; Exam/Licensing Regulations)
2010-0504-02SAir Resouces Board (Enhanced Fleet Modernization Program)
2010-0423-04SFish and Game Commission (New Restricted Species Permits and Requirements)
2010-0429-04SDepartment of Corrections and Rehabilitation (Lethal Injection Process)
2010-0406-06SREmergency Medical Services Authority (Classification of "Emergency Medical Technician-II" to "Advanced Emergency Medical Techncian")
2010-0319-04SCalifornia Highway Patrol (Motor Carrier Safety -- Carrier Identification
2010-0226-03SDepartment of Real Estate (Continuing Education)
2010-0203-01CCalifornia Film Commission (Film and Television Tax Credit Program)
2010-0204-02SDental Board of California (Disciplinary Guidelines)
2010-0204-03SAir Resources Board (Tire Pressure Regulation 2009)


Decision NumberAgency/Subject
2009-1030-01SDepartment of Transportation (Fire Apparatus Regulations)
2009-1007-04SDepartment of Insurance (Updates Language to Coincide with CAARP Application)
2009-1007-01SDepartment of Insurance (Update the Forms Used by CAARP to Provide Commercial Auto Insurance)
2009-0928-02SRProfessional Fiduciaries Bureau (Enforcement Regulations)
2009-0923-01SDepartment of Mental Health (MHSA Workforce Education and Training)
2009-0908-03SAir Resources Board (Small Off-Road Engine Regulations (SORE))
2009-0831-01SCalifornia Integrated Waste Management Board (Tire Hauler and Manifest Regulations)
2009-0827-02SDepartment of Public Health (Scope of Practice in Licensed Health Facilities)
2009-0806-03SRCalifornia Institute for Regenerative Medicine (Grants Administration Policy for Academic and Non-Profit Institutions
2009-0721-01SAir Resources Board (Small Containers of Automotive Refrigerant)
2009-0622-01SDepartment of Transportation (Outdoor Advertising)
2009-0527-01FPDepartment of Insurance (Fees Revision)
2009-0518-03NAir Resources Board (Warranty Information Reporting and Recall Regulation and Test Procedures)
2009-0417-02SDepartment of Water Resources (Financial Assistance for Flood Management Projects)
2009-0323-01SCalifornia Department of Transportation (Broadband Facility Installation - Encroachment Permits)
2009-0309-03SPhysical Therapy Board (Disciplinary Guidelines)
2009-0227-01SDepartment of Rehabilitation (Business Enterprises Program for the Blind)
2009-0209-03SDepartment of Water Resources (Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance)
2009-0126-03SEmergency Medical Services Authority (Advanced Emergency Medical Technician; Emergency Medical Technician II)


Decision NumberAgency/Subject
2008-1218-01SCalifornia Highway Patrol (Wheelchair School Buses)
2008-1120-01SDepartment of Justice, Bureau of Gambling Control (Nonprofit Organization Fundraisers)
2008-1117-02SVeterinary Medical Board (RVT Eligibility Categories/Internship/Residency Program)
2008-1024-02SDepartment of Rehabilitation (Business Enterprises Program for the Blind)
2008-0911-01SStructural Pest Control Board (False and Misleading Advertising)
2008-0912-01SBureau of Barbering and Cosmetology of the Department of Consumer Affairs; and Board of Barbering and Cosmetology (Cosmetology Curriculum)
2008-0902-01SBureau of Barbering and Cosmetology of the Department of Consumer Affairs; and Board of Barbering and Cosmetology (Esthetician Curriculum)
2008-0821-03SDepartment of Motor Vehicles (Business Partner Automation Program)
2008-0731-02EDepartment of Water Resources (Financial Assistance for Flood Management Projects)
2008-0710-05SPhysical Therapy Board of California (Administrative Citations and Fines)
2008-0425-03SAir Resources Board (California Reformulated Gasoline Regulation 2007)
2008-0415-02SDepartment of Social Services (Training of Child Welfare Workers and Juvenile Probation Workers)
2008-0414-01SDepartment of Motor Vehicles (Mature Driver Improvement Course Approval Program)
2008-0319-02SState Mining and Geology Board (Vested Rights Determination)
2008-0305-01SDepartment of Corrections and Rehabilitation (Inmate Mail)
2008-0226-04SDepartment of Health Care Services (Sign Language Interpreter Services)
2008-0204-04SAcupuncture Board (Continuing Education)
2008-0204-03SDepartment of Motor Vehicles (Occupational Licensing Disciplinary Guidelines)
2008-0125-02SSuperintendent of Public Instruction (Child Care and Development Services - Need)
2008-0111-03SDepartment of Managed Health Care (Timely Access To Health Care Services)


Decision NumberAgency/Subject
07-1219-01SDepartment of Pesticide Regulation (Field Fumigant Emissions Reduction)
07-1203-01SCalifornia Coastal Commission (Filing Fee Update)
07-1102-06NRDepartment of Fish and Game (Vacuum or Suction Dredging)
07-1019-01SRCalifornia Horse Racing Board (Classification of Drug Substances)
07-1015-04SRBoard of Education (Educational Interpreters)
07-0810-01SAir Resources Board (On-Board Diagnostic II)
07-0727-02SRCommission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (Test Administration and Security Requirements)
07-0810-03EBoard of Parole Hearings (Voluntary Waivers, Postponements, Continuances)
07-0625-02CDepartment of Social Services (Community Care Licensing (CCL) Crisis Nurseries)
07-0511-01SDental Board of California (Oral Conscious Sedation)
07-0601-04SCalifornia Energy Commission (Greenhouse Gases Emission Performance Standard)
07-0510-02NFish and Game Commission (Scott Bar Salamander)
07-0323-02SBoard of Education (Nonpublic Schools)
07-0221-02SPhysician Assistant Committee (Delegation of Services Agreement)
07-0104-01SDepartment of Justice (Electronic Recording Delivery Systems)
07-0105-06SDepartment of Insurance (Title Insurance Statistical Plan and Related Rules Governing Rates/Charges
07-0112-01SCalifornia Institute of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM Grants Administration Policy for Nonprofit and Academic Institutions)
07-0119-02EBoard of Equalization (Quality Education Investment Act (QEIA))
07-0131-02SDepartment of Food and Agriculture (Standardization Penalty Guidelines and Matrix)


Decision NumberAgency/Subject
06-1130-01SDepartment of Insurance (Life and Annuity Consumer Protection)
06-1130-03SDepartment of Insurance (Health Language Assistance Programs)
06-1221-06SBoard of Occupational Therapy (Use of Topical Medications)
06-1214-01SFair Employment and Housing Commission (Harassment Training and Education)
06-1114-04SDepartment of Insurance (Procedures for conducting labor rate surveys of auto body repair shops)
06-0630-03SDepartment of Social Services (Licensing and Operation of Community Care Facilities)
06-0608-01SAcupuncture Board (Continuing Education; Active/Inactive Status of License Holders; Courses)
06-0605-02SDepartment of Social Services (Merging Adult Day Care and Adult Day Support Centers Licensing Categories into One Category called Adult Day Programs)
06-0519-07SSpeech-Language Pathology and Audiology (Accreditation and Approval of Institutions and Programs; Advertising)
06-0509-01SDepartment of Insurance (Mutual Fund Investments Involved in Variable Life Insurance Products; Codification of Insurance Dept. Bulletin 97-2)
06-0323-02SBoard of Optometry (Citations and Fines)
06-0306-03SMedical Board of California (Approved Postgraduate Training)
06-0202-03SDepartment of Food and Agriculture (Transporters of Inedible Kitchen Grease)


Decision NumberAgency/Subject
05-1027-05SOffice of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (Establishing "No Observable Effects Level" for intravenous exposure to Di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP)).
05-1025-02ECalifornia Horse Racing Board (Period of Heightened Surveillance on Horse, Trainer, and Stable)
05-0922-01EDepartment of Industrial Relations, Division of Workers' Compensation (Predesignation of Treating Physician)
05-0902-01CSuperintendent of Public Instruction (Child Care & Development Programs -- Child Protective Services and At Risk Children)
05-0826-03SBoard of Chiropractic Examiners (Manipulation Under Anesthesia, MUA)
05-0715-03SBoard for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors (Approved Curriculum for Professional Engineers)
05-0624-01SDepartment of Insurance (Workers' Compensation Claims Adjuster Training)
05-0620-01SCalifornia Energy Commission (Petroleum Industry Information Reporting Act)
05-0617-03SPhysical Therapy Board of California (Fees for Applications, Examinations and Licensing of Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants)
05-0414-01SDental Board of California (Continuing Education Requirements for Licensees of the Dental Board of California)
05-0329-02SCalifornia Energy Commission (California Climate Action Registry ("CCAR"))
05-0316-01SCalifornia Integrated Waste Management Board (Recycling Market Development Loan Program)
05-0308-01NBoard of Education (Rules when pupils can leave classrooms)
05-0301-02SDental Board of California (Composition of Onsite Inspection and Evaluation Teams)
05-0217-03ERDepartment of Parks and Recreation (Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Local Assistant Grant and Cooperative Agreement Program)
05-0207-01SSecretary of State (Vendors who Require Approval by the Secretary of State Before They Can Provide Notary Public Education)
05-0201-01EONDepartment of Corrections (Prison Inmate Labor Initiative of 1990, approved as Proposition 139)
05-0107-04SAir Resources Board (Portable Equipment Registration Program)


Decision NumberAgency/Subject
04-1005-04SCommission on Teacher Credentialing (Pupil Personnel Services)
04-0426-03SState Regional Water Resources Control Board (Expands Electronic Submission Requirements to all the SWRCB's Groundwater Cleanup Programs.)
04-0312-05SPublic Employees Retirement System (Assignment of Participating Agencies to Risk Pools)
04-0310-01SDepartment of Food and Agriculture (Vapor Pressure of Fuel for Spark Ignition Engine)
04-0308-01SBoard of Pharmacy (Standards for Compounding Injectible Sterile Drug Products)
04-0130-03SDepartment of General Services (Small Business Eligibility and Certification for Bid Preferences)


Decision NumberAgency/Subject
03-1201-02SDepartment of Social Services (Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly)
03-1020-01SCemetery and Funeral Board (Funeral Establishments Disclosing a "Preneed Agreement")
03-1006-03SRCalifornia Apprenticeship Council (Hearing procedures concerning penalties for knowingly violating statutory requirements governing employment of apprentices in public works)
03-0530-03SCalifornia Integrated Waste Management Board (Construction and Demolition Debris)
03-0328-02SCalifornia Apprenticeship Council (Hearing Procedures Concerning Penalties for Knowingly Violating Statutory Requirements Governing Employment of Apprentices in Public Works)
03-0325-02SState Water Resources Control Board (Revising Procedural Regulations for a Review by SWRCB of a Regional Board Action or Failure to Act)
03-0321-06SBoard of Education (Classroom and Non-classroom-based Instruction in Charter Schools)
03-0317-01SBoard of Equalization (What Constitutes "Medicine" Under Revenue and Taxation Code section 6369)
03-0313-02SDepartment of Insurance (Unfair Claims Settlement Practices)


Decision NumberAgency/Subject
02-1202-06SDepartment of Social Services (Adult Day Care Centers)
02-1127-01SVeterinary Medical Board (Registration and Renewal Fees)
02-1025-11SBoard of Prison Terms (Prisoner Presentation of Documents)
02-0927-01SDepartment of Managed Health Care (Grievance System and Independent Medical Review)
02-0731-03COffice of Emergency Services (Dam Inundation Mapping Procedures)
02-0805-01sEmergency Medical Services Authority (Lay Persons / Automated External Defibrillators)
02-0521-03CDepartment of Food and Agriculture (Direct Marketing)
02-0426-03SEmergency Medical Services Authority (Late Fee for Renewal of Paramedic License)
02-0425-08SCalifornia Energy Commission (Appliance Efficiency)
02-0228-09SBoard of Licensed Vocational Nurses and Psychiatric Technicians (Permitted an LVN to Give IV Medications, Hemodialysis)
02-0215-04SDepartment of Corrections (Early Intervention Program (EIP))
02-0108-05SRVeterinary Medical Board (Business and Professions Code)


Decision NumberAgency/Subject
01-1231-01sDepartment of Social Services (Criminal Record)
01-1207-02SAir Resources Board (California Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Program)
01-1016-02SBoard of Forestry & Fire Protection (Interim Watershed Mitigation Addendum (IWMA))
01-0910-02SPhysical Therapy Board (Foreign Educated Applicants)
01-0807-07SCalifornia Horse Racing Board (Advertising)
01-0807-03SDepartment of Social Services (Adult Protective Services Program Forms)
01-0730-05SVeterinary Medical Board (Continuing Education Requirements)
01-0719-02SDepartment of Youth Authority (Involuntary Administration of Psychotropic Drugs)
01-0613-06SCalifornia Apprenticeship Council (Apprenticeship Standards)
01-0427-04CBoard of Education (Academics Award Program)
01-0228-01SSpeech Language Pathology and Auditory Board (Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Requirements)
01-0202-05SRAir Resources Board (Gasoline Vapor Recovery Equipment Certification)
01-0126-01SStructural Pest Control Board (Continuing Education and Specified Reporting Requirements)


Decision NumberAgency/Subject
00-1208-05SState Lands Commission (State Contracts for Project Management Services)
00-1208-03SAir Resources Board (Public Transit Bus Fleets and Emission Standards for New Urban Buses)
00-1127-03SContractors State License Board (Industry Expert Program)
00-1121-03SDepartment of Developmental Services (Board Certified Behavior Analysts)
00-1121-01CDepartment of Insurance (Automobile Insurance Low Cost Program)
00-1103-01SState Athletic Commission (Mixed Martial Arts)
00-1024-O2 SCalifornia Energy Commission (Data Collections)