State and Federal Laws

Administrative Procedure Act & OAL Regulations: The Administrative Procedure Act (APA) establishes rulemaking procedures and standards for state agencies in California. The requirements set forth in the APA are designed to provide the public with a meaningful opportunity to participate in the adoption of state regulations and to ensure that regulations are clear, necessary and legally valid. The APA is found in the California Government Code, section 11340 et seq. State regulations must also be adopted in compliance with regulations adopted by OAL (see California Code of Regulations, title 1, sections 1-280).

California Laws and Legislative Information: California Legislative Information allows you to look up or search for California codes, bills and other information relating to current and past legislation.

Code of Federal Regulations: Rules adopted by federal departments and agencies and published in the Federal Register are codified in the Code of Federal Regulations, often referred to as the “CFR”.

United States Code: Laws enacted by the federal government are codified in the United States Code.