About the Office of Administrative Law

Established July 1, 1980, the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) ensures that agency regulations are clear, necessary, legally valid, and available to the public. Since its creation, OAL has been and continues to be responsible for reviewing administrative regulations proposed by over 200 state agencies for compliance with the standards set forth in California’s Administrative Procedure Act (APA), for transmitting these regulations to the Secretary of State and for publishing regulations in the California Code of Regulations.

OAL assists state regulatory agencies through a formal training program, as well as through other less formal methods, to understand and comply with the Administrative Procedure Act. OAL also accepts petitions challenging alleged underground regulations–those rules issued by state agencies which meet the Administrative Procedure Act’s definition of a “regulation” but were not adopted pursuant to the APA process and are not expressly exempt.

OAL also oversees the publication and distribution, in print and on the Internet, of the California Code of Regulations and the California Regulatory Notice Register.


  • INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE 2020 RULEMAKING CALENDAR are now available.  Please note that the format for the Schedules A and B have changed to meet state and federal Americans With Disabilities Act website accessibility requirements.    Please click here for more information.
  • The OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATIVE LAW'S WEBSITE is currently going through some major construction.  Please contact the Office of Administrative Law's (OAL) Reference Attorney at staff@oal.ca.gov or phone: (916) 323-6815 if you have questions or concerns.
  • The 2019 CALIFORNIA RULEMAKING LAW HANDBOOKS are now available!  The handbook is a convenient resource that provides the primary statutes and regulations governing the California rulemaking process.   Please click here for information on how to order.
  • The 2019 CALIFORNIA REGULATORY NOTICE REGISTER SCHEDULE is now available.  Please visit our Notice Register page.
  • ONLINE TRAINING REGISTRATION: Registration for OAL's 3-day APA rulemaking training course and half-day underground regulation training is now available online. Register here

Other Information

Office of Administrative Law’s State Leadership Accountability Act (SLAA) Reports


OAL’s Tribal Consultation Policy memorializes OAL’s commitment to open and respectful communications with California’s Indian Tribes. Tribal Consultation Policy

As part of the Governor’s Reorganization Plan No. 2 of 2012, effective July 1, 2013, the Office of Administrative Law is now part of the Government Operations Agency.

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Office of Administrative Law
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Reference Attorney
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