Rulemaking Checklists/Notice Register Publication Schedule


OAL’s checklists contain California Administrative Procedure Act (APA) requirements for various types of rulemakings, as well as for notices of proposed regulatory action.  The following checklists are available upon request by contacting 

  • Notice of Proposed APA Rulemaking Checklist (Rev. 6-2021)
  • Regular APA Rulemaking Checklist (Rev. 4-2015)
  • Emergency APA Checklist (Rev. 1-2014)
  • Changes Without Regulatory Effect (Rev. 7-2009)
  • File & Print Only/Print Only  (Rev. 7-2009)
  • Government Code Section 11353 Filing (Rev. 7-2013)

California Regulatory Notice Register Publication Schedule:

  • The 2022 California Regulatory Notice Register Publication Schedule – Please contact for a copy.