OAL Determinations Issued in 2023

For information on Determinations, or to request a copy of a specific Determination, please contact Margaret Molina at 916-324-6044, or email at margaret.molina@oal.ca.gov.

2023 OAL Determination Number 1
Filed with the Secretary of State on September 18, 2023
Agency: State Water Resources Control Board
Challenged Rule: California Laboratory Assessment Checklist (4/29/2021), issued by the Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program within the State Water Resources Control Board   

2023 OAL Determination Number 2 (S)
Filed with the Secretary of State on November 7, 2023
Agency: Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
Challenged Rule: Loss of Family Visiting (Overnight) Program, and Cal. Code Regs., tit.15, sec 3006, subs. (a) and (c)(20), Contraband

2023 OAL Determination Number 3
Filed with the Secretary of State on December 29, 2023
Agency: Department of State Hospitals 
Challenged Rule: Administrative Directive Number 843, issued by Department of State Hospitals – Coalinga regarding Patient Living Areas