Proposed Regulations Under Review

The Office of Administrative Law (OAL) reviews rulemakings proposed by state agencies to ensure compliance with the Administrative Procedure Act.  The table below contains an alphabetical list, by agency, of rulemaking actions submitted to OAL for review. This list is updated daily and includes matters submitted up to, and including the prior business day.

For more information about the list below, please contact the OAL Reference Attorney at or (916) 323-6815.

OAL File Number AgencySubject of Rulemaking File Type
2021-0420-02Veterinary Medical BoardFee Schedule - Certificate of ComplianceCertificate of Compliance (C)
2021-0420-01Department of Social ServicesTransitional Housing Placement ProgramNonsubstantive (N)
2021-0419-03Department of Social ServicesCalWORKs Homeless Assistance, Domestic Abuse, etc.Emergency File and Print Only (EFP)
2021-0419-02Fair Political Practices CommissionGender Neutral RevisionsFPPC
2021-0419-01Occupational Safety and Health Standards BoardCommerical and Technical Diving OperationsRegular (S)
2021-0416-03Dental Hygiene Board of CaliforniaApproval of RDM/ITRRegular (S)
2021-0416-02State Water Resources Control BoardRevised Total Coliform RuleRegular (S)
2021-0416-01Department of Fish and WildlifeNontank Vessel Fee IncreaseRegular (S)
2021-0415-01California Horse Racing BoardVeteriniarian's ListRegular (S)
2021-0414-03California Horse Racing BoardEliminate Retention of Furosemide SyringeRegular (S)
2021-0414-02California Highway PatrolInhalation Hazards Safe StopsRegular (S)
2021-0414-01California Prison Industry AuthorityIncarcerated IndividualsRegular (S)
2021-0413-01Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric TechniciansSubstantial Relationship and Rehabilitation CriteriaRegular (S)
2021-0412-03California Student Aid CommissionCal Grant Program Appeal RegulationRegular (S)
2021-0412-02California Student Aid CommissionAmendments to CMD GI Bill Award Program RegulationsRegular (S)
2021-0412-01Department of Housing and Community DevelopmentMobilehome Residency Law Protection ProgramEmergency Readopt (EE)
2021-0409-03Superintendent of Public Instruction12-Month EligibilityRegular (S)
2021-0409-02Department of Corrections and RehabilitationNonviolent Parole Process Eligibility re GadlinEmergency Operational Necessity (EON)
2021-0409-01Department of Fish and WildlifeCertification of Spill Management TeamsRegular (S)
2021-0408-04Department of Corrections and RehabilitationMinimum Security Credit and Inmate Credit EarningEmergency Operational Necessity (EON)
2021-0408-03Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Inmate Authorized Personal PropertyEmergency Operational Necessity (EON)
2021-0408-02Department of Public HealthReportable disease changesFile and Print Only (FP)
2021-0408-01Contractors State License BoardFeesCertificate of Compliance (C)
2021-0407-04Bureau of Cannabis ControlCommercial Cannabis Billboard Advertisements on Interstate and StateNonsubstantive (N)
2021-0407-03Department of Corrections and RehabilitationProgram and Credit Earning RevisionsEmergency Operational Necessity (EON)
2021-0407-02Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensers BoaSpeech-Language Pathology and Audiology FeesRegular (S)
2021-0407-01Board of PharmacyAutomated Drug Delivery SystemRegular (S)
2021-0406-03Department of Corrections and RehabilitationParole SupervisionRegular (S)
2021-0406-02Division of the State ArchitectCertified Access Specialist ProgramRegular (S)
2021-0406-01Department of Veterans AffairsFarm and Home Loan ProgramRegular (S)
2021-0405-02Department of Public HealthMedical Information BreachRegular (S)
2021-0405-01Department of Food and AgricultureSpotted Lanternfly QuarantineRegular (S)
2021-0402-01Acupuncture BoardSubstantial Relationship Criteria and Rehabilitation Criteria forRegular (S)
2021-0401-04Board of Chiropractic ExaminersExpedited Licensure and Application RequirementsNonsubstantive (N)
2021-0330-02Department of JusticeAmmunitionNonsubstantive (N)
2021-0330-01Board of PharmacyAutomatic Refill ProgramsRegular (S)
2021-0329-04Department of Motor VehiclesSpecial License PlatesNonsubstantive (N)
2021-0329-03Department of JusticeDepartment of Financial Protection and InnovationFile and Print Only (FP)
2021-0326-03Department of Toxic Substances ControlHazardous Waste Facility Permitting Criteria - Other AuthoritiesNonsubstantive (N)
2021-0326-02State Mining and Geology BoardSeismic Hazards MappingNonsubstantive (N)
2021-0324-03Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Incompatible ActivitiesRegular (S)
2021-0324-02Office of Emergency ServicesNon-substantive name change and section number revisionNonsubstantive (N)
2021-0324-01Department of Housing and Community DevelopmentMobilehome Residency Law Protection ProgramCertificate of Compliance (C)
2021-0323-01Superintendent of Public InstructionRegional Parent Advisory CouncilNonsubstantive (N)
2021-0319-02Air Resources BoardAlternative Diesel Fuels RegulationRegular (S)
2021-0319-01Department of Financial Protection and InnovationStudent Loan Servicing ActNonsubstantive (N)
2021-0318-01Department of Alcoholic Beverage ControlAdministrative Emergency DecisionsCertificate of Compliance (C)
2021-0316-01Podiatric Medical Board of CaliforniaSuspension and Revocation of Certificates to Practice PodiatricRegular (S)
2021-0315-01Department of JusticeDepartment of Financial Protection and InnovationFile and Print Only (FP)
2021-0312-03California Department of Tax and Fee AdministrationCalifornia Cannabis Track-and-TraceFile and Print Only (FP)
2021-0312-02Department of Food and AgricultureDevice Administration - Inspections and FeesRegular (S)
2021-0312-01Department of JusticeCalifornia Pawn and SecondhandDealer SystemNonsubstantive (N)
2021-0311-01Respiratory Care BoardSubstantial Relationship/Rehabilitation CriteriaRegular (S)
2021-0309-02Naturopathic Medicine CommitteeSubstantial Relationship and Rehabilitation CriteriaRegular Resubmittal (SR)
2021-0304-02California Highway PatrolHi-Lo Audible Warning SoundRegular (S)
2021-0303-02Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Return and Transfer of ParoleRegular (S)
2021-0226-04State Mining and Geology BoardAppeals of Orders to Comply with SMARARegular (S)
2021-0226-03State Mining and Geology BoardForfeiture of Financial Assurance MechanismsRegular (S)
2021-0225-01Department of Financial Protection and InnovationRegulations for Agent of Payee Exemption in Money Transmission ActRegular (S)
2021-0222-02California Apprenticeship CouncilPublic Works Apprenticeship RequirementsRegular (S)
2021-0222-01Department of Financial Protection and InnovationNMLS Transition and Pace Program AdministratorsRegular (S)
2021-0211-01Department of Corrections and RehabilitationContent of Law LibrariesRegular (S)
2021-0122-02Department of Food and AgricultureOCal Program RegulationsRegular (S)
2021-0104-01Cemetery and Funeral BureauLicensure and Regulations of Alkaline HydrolysisRegular (S)
2020-1231-03Board of Behavioral SciencesSupervision-Related RequirementsRegular (S)
2020-1230-02Medical Board of CaliforniaPostgraduate TrainingRegular (S)
2020-1229-02Board of Barbering and CosmetologySubstantial Relationship; Rehabilitation CriteriaRegular (S)
2020-1223-02Board of Barbering and CosmetologyPersonal Service Permit & Schedule of FeesRegular (S)
2020-1223-01Osteopathic Medical Board of CaliforniaNotice to ConsumersRegular (S)
2020-1222-01Board of AccountancyAB 2138/Disciplinary GuidelinesRegular (S)
2020-1217-01Bureau of Security and Investigative ServicesSubstantial Relationship/Rehabilitation CriteriaRegular (S)
2020-1216-02Department of Corrections and RehabilitationAlternative Custody ProgramRegular (S)
2020-1215-03Cemetery and Funeral BureauSubstantial Relationship CriteriaRegular (S)
2020-1215-02Department of JusticeElectronic Recording Delivery System (ERDS)Nonsubstantive (N)
2020-1210-02Board of PharmacyOff-Site Storage WaiverRegular (S)
2020-1209-01Acupuncture BoardAmend Fee Regulations to Comply with StatuteNonsubstantive (N)
2020-1207-04Board of Registered NursingUnprofessional Conduct, Substantial Relationship Criteria,Regular (S)
2020-1202-04Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and GeologistsSubstantial Relationship/Rehabilitation CriteriaRegular (S)
2020-1202-02Osteopathic Medical Board of CaliforniaSubstantial Relationship CriteriaRegular (S)
2020-1130-01Court Reporters Board of CaliforniaCriminal Conviction Substantial Relationship and Rehab CriteriaRegular (S)
2020-1123-01Cemetery and Funeral BureauSubstantial Relationship CriteriaRegular (S)
2020-1118-01Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensers BoaCriminal Conviction Substantial Relationship and RehabilitationRegular (S)
2020-1117-01Contractors State License BoardAB 2138 - Substantial Relationship and Rehabilitation CriteriaRegular (S)