Proposed Regulations Under Review

The Office of Administrative Law (OAL) reviews rulemakings proposed by state agencies to ensure compliance with the Administrative Procedure Act.  The table below contains an alphabetical list, by agency, of rulemaking actions submitted to OAL for review. This list is updated daily and includes matters submitted up to, and including the prior business day.

For more information about the list below, please contact the OAL Reference Attorney at or (916) 323-6815.

OAL File NumberAgencySubject of RulemakingFile Type
2020-0521-01Board of EqualizationCounty Survey CyclesRegular (S)
2020-0526-02Board of Forestry and Fire Protection954.6 Section 100Nonsubstantive (N)
2020-0420-05Board of Forestry and Fire ProtectionAppeal Amendments, 2020Regular (S)
2020-0420-04Board of Forestry and Fire ProtectionSouthern Subdistrict and Marin Co Point Count AmendmentsRegular (S)
2020-0521-02Board of Governors, California Community CollegesCorrespondence CoursesPrint Only (P)
2020-0303-03Board of PharmacyAbandonment of ApplicationsRegular (S)
2020-0306-01Board of PharmacyDuty to ConsultRegular (S)
2020-0505-02California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing AuAffordable Multifamily Energy Efficiency Financing ProgramCertificate of Compliance (C)
2020-0528-01California Department of Tax and Fee AdministrationCalculation of Estimated Use Tax - Use Tax TableFile and Print Only (FP)
2020-0520-02California Film CommissionCalifornia Film and Television Tax Credit ProgramRegular (S)
2020-0520-01California Highway PatrolFederal ConsistencyRegular (S)
2020-0420-01California Highway PatrolCalifornia Highway Patrol Cannabis Tax Fund Grant ProgramRegular (S)
2020-0429-03California Highway PatrolExplosives StopsRegular (S)
2020-0518-05California Horse Racing BoardAuthorized Bleeder MedicationRegular (S)
2020-0518-06California Horse Racing BoardVeterinarian ReportRegular (S)
2020-0406-01California Horse Racing BoardQualifications for Licenses as Trainer/Assistant TrainerRegular (S)
2020-0324-01California Horse Racing BoardShockwave Therapy RestrictedRegular (S)
2020-0424-01California Horse Racing BoardMedication Penalties/Permitted/Authorized MedicationRegular (S)
2020-0528-03California Horse Racing BoardVeterinary Treatment RecordsRegular (S)
2020-0429-01California Tax Credit Allocation CommitteeCTCAC Regulations implementing federal and state LIHTC lawsFile and Print Only (FP)
2020-0527-04California Victim Compensation BoardIncome or Support LossRegular (S)
2020-0506-01Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingServices Provided by the Commission on POSTRegular (S)
2020-0522-03 Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingRegulation 1015 Reimbursements for TrainingRegular (S)
2020-0505-04Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingRequirements for Course CertificfationRegular Resubmittal (SR)
2020-0522-02Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingTraining and Testing SpecificationsRegular (S)
2020-0505-03Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingTraining and Testing SpecificationsRegular (S)
2020-0522-01Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingTraining and Testing SpecificationsRegular (S)
2020-0528-02Dental Board of CaliforniaCriminal Conviction HistoryNonsubstantive (N)
2020-0527-03Department of Alcoholic Beverage ControlRequirements for Delivery - Minor DecoysEmergency (E)
2020-0428-01Department of Corrections and RehabilitationEffective CommunicationRegular Resubmittal (SR)
2020-0515-02Department of Food and AgricultureShell Egg Food SafetyRegular (S)
2020-0505-01Department of Food and AgricultureDirect MarketingRegular (S)
2020-0429-02Department of Housing and Community DevelopmentINCOME LIMITS (Title 25, Section 6932)File and Print Only (FP)
2020-0507-01Department of InsuranceFAIR Plan Methodology to Calculate Insurer CreditsNonsubstantive (N)
2020-0421-01Department of JusticeEmail update, deletion of inconsistent language, amed language.Nonsubstantive (N)
2020-0529-02Department of JusticeUpdate Statutory ReferencesNonsubstantive (N)
2020-0521-04Department of JusticeAmmunition Vendor LicensingRegular (S)
2020-0306-04Department of Motor VehiclesElectronic Lien and TitleRegular (S)
2020-0430-01Department of Public Health2003 Clinical Lab Improvement Amendment Part IIRegular (S)
2020-0521-03Department of Resources Recycling and RecoveryElectronic Waste Recycling and Designated Approved CollectorsCertificate of Compliance (C)
2020-0527-02Department of Resources Recycling and RecoveryCovered Electronic Waste Recovery and Recycle Payment RatesFile and Print Only (FP)
2020-0413-01Department of Social ServicesSimplified Criminal Records ExemptionRegular (S)
2020-0526-04Department of Social ServicesIntercountry Tranfer ProcessRegular Resubmittal (SR)
2020-0416-03Department of Toxic Substances ControlPV Modules-Universal Waste ManagementRegular (S)
2020-0403-05Division of Labor Standards EnforcementJanitorial Employer RegistrationRegular (S)
2020-0403-04Division of Labor Standards EnforcementSexual Harassment Prevention Training for Property Service WorkersRegular (S)
2020-0514-01Emergency Medical Services AuthorityParamedic License Applications and FeesNonsubstantive (N)
2020-0526-01Employment Development DepartmentFamily Temporary Disability Insurance - Maximum Benefit DurationNonsubstantive (N)
2020-0526-05Fair Employment and Housing CouncilCriminal History, New Parent Leave Act. and CA Family Rights ActRegular (S)
2020-0508-01Fish and Game CommissionPacific halibut recreational fishing 2020 seasonPrint Only (P)
2020-0508-03Fish and Game CommissionRecreational ocean salmon fishing - April 2021 seasonPrint Only (P)
2020-0515-01Fish and Game CommissionKlamath-Trinity spring Chinook salmon sportsfishingCertificate of Compliance (C)
2020-0518-02Fish and Game CommissionWaterfowlRegular (S)
2020-0508-02Fish and Game CommissionRecreational ocean salmon fishing - May-Nov 2020 seasonPrint Only (P)
2020-0518-01Fish and Game CommissionMammal Tag QuotasRegular (S)
2020-0518-03Fish and Game CommissionPublic Use of Department of Fish & Wildlife LandsRegular (S)
2020-0512-02Office of Environmental Health Hazard AssessmentProposition 65 - Chlorpyrifos MADLsRegular (S)
2020-0527-01Office of the State Fire MarshalBuilding Materials Listings - Fee IncreaseRegular (S)
2020-0303-04Osteopathic Medical Board of CaliforniaPostgraduate Training License FeeRegular (S)
2020-0526-03San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development CommissionSan Francisco Bay Plan, update of Bay Plan Maps 2 and 3Regular (S)
2020-0415-03Secretary of StateStatewide Voter Registration System"Regular (S)
2020-0501-01State Allocation BoardLeroy F. Greene School Facilities Act of 1998; CTEFP --- TownRegular (S)
2020-0501-02State Allocation BoardLeroy F. Greene School Facilities Act of 1998; CSFP Filing RoundRegular (S)
2020-0529-01State Water Resources Control BoardUrban Water Use Efficiency and ConservationRegular (S)