Recent Actions Taken By OAL On Proposed Regulations

The Office of Administrative Law (OAL) reviews rulemakings proposed by state agencies to ensure compliance with the Administrative Procedure Act.  Actions are taken by OAL on rulemakings almost daily. These include actions on a variety of rulemakings, including regular rulemakings and emergency rulemakings, as well as other types of actions pursuant to statutes or regulations.  The table below contains a list, by OAL File Number, of recent actions taken by OAL on proposed regulations in the past 45 days, including the Agency, Subject of Rulemaking and File Type.

For more information about the list below, please contact the OAL Reference Attorney at or (916) 323-6815. 

OAL File Number Agency Subject of Rulemaking File Type
2024-0222-01California Debt Limit Allocation CommitteeEmergency regulations readoptionEmergency Readopt (EE)
2024-0216-01Fish and Game CommissionRecreational California Halibut Second Emergency ExtensionEmergency Readopt (EE)
2024-0215-02California Energy CommissionRevised SB X1-2 Spot Market Reporting RequirementsEmergency (E)
2024-0206-01California Debt Limit Allocation CommitteeRe-adoption of Emergency RegulationsEmergency Readopt (EE)
2024-0205-01Department of Cannabis ControlCultivation license changes at the time of renewal pursuant toEmergency (E)
2024-0202-02Department of Fish and WildlifeCommercial Groundfish Management MeasuresEmergency (E)
2024-0131-01Delta Stewardship CouncilDefinitionsNonsubstantive (N)
2024-0123-03State Water Resources Control BoardScott and Shasta River Watersheds Drought Emergency RequirementsEmergency (E)
2024-0122-01Secretary of StateElection Observations Rights and ResponsibilitiesRegular Resubmittal (SR)
2024-0117-02Board of EducationConflict of Interest CodeFile and Print Only (FP)
2024-0117-01California Highway PatrolCVSA NAS Out-of-Service CriteriaNonsubstantive (N)
2024-0116-06Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingCourse Name CorrectionRegular (S)
2024-0116-05Department of Industrial RelationsOrder Regulating Wages and Hours in Amusement and Recreation IndFile and Print Only (FP)
2024-0116-04California Pollution Control Financing AuthorityCA Investment and Innovation Program (CalIIP)File and Print Only (FP)
2024-0116-03Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Occupational Mentor Certification ProgramRegular (S)
2024-0116-02New Motor Vehicle Board2023-2024 ACP FeesNonsubstantive (N)
2024-0116-01Dental Board of CaliforniaReplacement Licenses or Permits and Inactive LicensesRegular (S)
2024-0112-06State Water Resources Control BoardInformation Order for Clear Lake WatershedEmergency (E)
2024-0112-05Department of Housing and Community DevelopmentFee RealignmentRegular (S)
2024-0112-04California Apprenticeship CouncilEqual Opportunity in ApprenticeshipRegular (S)
2024-0112-03Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingAmend Commission Regulations 1005, 1007, 1008 - LD 35 TTSRegular (S)
2024-0112-02Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingAmend Commission Regulation 1005 - Coroner Training RequirementsRegular (S)
2024-0112-01Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingAmend Commission Regulations 1052 and 1059Regular (S)
2024-0111-03Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingRegulation 1005 & 1008 - Section 100Nonsubstantive (N)
2024-0111-02Division of Workers' CompensationQuailified Medical Evaluator Process RegulationsRegular (S)
2024-0111-01Department of Resources Recycling and RecoveryAB 962 Bottle Washer ProcessorEmergency (E)
2024-0108-01ScholarShare Investment BoardCalKIDS ProgramRegular (S)
2024-0105-03Department of InsuranceMedicare Supplement New or Innovative BenefitsRegular (S)
2024-0105-02Board of Pilot CommissionersPilot Fatigue Prevention RegulationsRegular Resubmittal (SR)
2024-0105-01California Energy CommissionFlexible Demand Appliances StandardsRegular (S)
2024-0104-04Division of Workers' CompensationAdditional QME Panel RequestNonsubstantive (N)
2024-0104-03Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingEmployment Status NotificationsNonsubstantive (N)
2024-0104-02Division of Workers' CompensationWorkers' Compensation-Official Medical Fee Schedule-InpatientFile and Print Only (FP)
2024-0104-01Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingRegulation 1005 - Minimum Standards for Training (Section 100)Nonsubstantive (N)
2024-0103-01State Coastal ConservancyConflict-of-Interest CodeFile and Print Only (FP)
2023-1229-05Department of InsuranceCAARP Plan of OperationsFile and Print Only (FP)
2023-1229-04Department of InsuranceCAARP Simplified Rules and Rates ManualFile and Print Only (FP)
2023-1229-03Department of InsuranceCAARP Simplified Rules and Rates ManualFile and Print Only (FP)
2023-1229-02Department of InsuranceCLCA Plan of OperationsFile and Print Only (FP)
2023-1229-01Bureau of Automotive RepairVehicle Safety Systems Inspection ProgramRegular (S)
2023-1228-03Veterinary Medical BoardUniform Standards for Substance-Abusing LicenseesRegular (S)
2023-1228-02Bureau for Private Postsecondary EducationStudent Tuition Recovery FundFile and Print Only (FP)
2023-1228-01California Citizen Oversight BoardConflict-of-Interest CodeFile and Print Only (FP)
2023-1227-02Department of Veterans AffairsCSAAVERegular (S)
2023-1226-03Occupational Safety and Health Standards BoardHAZARDOUS WASTE OPERATIONS AND EMERGENCY RESPONSENonsubstantive (N)
2023-1226-01California Film CommissionCA Soundstage Filming Tax Credit ProgramCertificate of Compliance (C)
2023-1222-06Commission on Teacher CredentialingPK-3 ECE Specialist Instruction CredentialRegular Resubmittal (SR)
2023-1222-05Office of Energy Infrastructure SafetyConflict-of-Interest CodeFile and Print Only (FP)
2023-1222-04Department of Food and AgricultureOriental Fruit Fly Eradication AreaCertificate of Compliance (C)
2023-1222-03Department of Food and AgricultureZeugodacus tau Interior Quarantine, Zeugodacus tau Eradication AreaCertificate of Compliance (C)
2023-1222-02Department of Food and AgricultureQueensland Fruit Interior Quarantine and Eradication AreaCertificate of Compliance (C)
2023-1221-05Department of InsuranceGENDER NON-DISCRIMINATION IN AUTOMOBILE INS. RATINGNonsubstantive (N)
2023-1221-04Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingEmployment Status NotificationsRegular (S)
2023-1221-03Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric TechniciansAB 1536: New School Program Approval ProcessCertificate of Compliance (C)
2023-1221-02Department of Health Care Access and InformationPromotion of Competitive Health Care Markets; CMIRNonsubstantive (N)
2023-1221-01Department of Motor VehiclesVehicle Dealers Location of Business RecordsRegular (S)
2023-1220-01State Compensation Insurance FundConflict of Interest CodeFile and Print Only (FP)
2023-1219-03Department of Food and AgricultureOak Mortality Disease ControlRegular (S)
2023-1219-02Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingPeace Officer CertificatesRegular (S)
2023-1219-01State Allocation BoardLeroy F. Greene School Facilities Act of 1998: CA Court AppealsRegular (S)
2023-1218-03Superintendent of Public InstructionRegional Parent Advisory CouncilNonsubstantive (N)
2023-1218-02Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingTemporary Suspenshion of CertificatonRegular Resubmittal (SR)
2023-1218-01Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingAmend Commission Regulations 1953 amd 1959Nonsubstantive (N)
2023-1215-05Department of Corrections and RehabilitationCondemned Inmate Transfer ProgramRegular Resubmittal (SR)
2023-1215-03Office of the State Fire MarshalFire Hazard Severity Zones Fire Hazard Severity ZonesRegular (S)
2023-1215-02Department of Motor VehiclesEnvironmental License PlatesRegular (S)
2023-1214-01Delta Stewardship CouncilAdministrative Procedures Governing AppealsFile and Print Only (FP)
2023-1213-02State Teachers Retirement System2% at 62 Compensation Paid Each Pay PeriodRegular (S)
2023-1213-01Commission on Teacher CredentialingBilingual AuthorizationRegular Resubmittal (SR)
2023-1212-01Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingAmend Training and Testing Specifications - LD 10, LD 22, and LD 28Nonsubstantive (N)
2023-1211-01Board of PsychologyPsychologist and Registered Psychological Associate FeesNonsubstantive (N)
2023-1207-02Department of Resources Recycling and RecoveryRecycling and Disposal Reporting System Permanent RegulationsRegular (S)
2023-1206-02Dental Hygiene Board of CaliforniaTemporary Licensure (Military Spouses or Partners)Regular Resubmittal (SR)
2023-1205-03Board of PharmacyADDS Self-AssessmentRegular (S)
2023-1205-02Department of State HospitalsArchitectural and Engineering ContractsRegular (S)
2023-1204-01Department of JusticeCustodian of RecordsRegular (S)
2023-1201-02Department of Human ResourcesContracts Bidding ProcessRegular Resubmittal (SR)