Recent Actions Taken By OAL On Proposed Regulations

The Office of Administrative Law (OAL) reviews rulemakings proposed by state agencies to ensure compliance with the Administrative Procedure Act.  Actions are taken by OAL on rulemakings almost daily. These include actions on a variety of rulemakings, including regular rulemakings and emergency rulemakings, as well as other types of actions pursuant to statutes or regulations.  The table below contains a list, by OAL File Number, of recent actions taken by OAL on proposed regulations in the past 45 days, including the Agency, Subject of Rulemaking and File Type.

For more information about the list below, please contact the OAL Reference Attorney at or (916) 323-6815. 

OAL File Number Agency Subject of Rulemaking File Type
2023-0906-03Department of Food and AgricultureOriental Fruit Fly Eradication AreaEmergency (E)
2023-0906-02Department of Food and AgricultureQueensland Fruit Interior Quarantine and Eradication AreaEmergency (E)
2023-0901-01Board of Governors, California Community CollegesWork Experience EducationPrint Only (P)
2023-0830-01State Water Resources Control BoardConfilict-of-Interest CodeFile and Print Only (FP)
2023-0824-01Occupational Safety and Health Standards BoardService Pits and Yard Surface OpeningsNonsubstantive (N)
2023-0823-03Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingEmployment Status NotificationsRegular (S)
2023-0821-01California Pollution Control Financing AuthorityCA Investment and Innovation Program (Cal IIP)Emergency (E)
2023-0815-03Department of Corrections and RehabilitationCondemned Inmate Transfer ProgramRegular (S)
2023-0810-02Occupational Safety and Health Standards BoardRequirements for Lift Slab Construction OperationsNonsubstantive (N)
2023-0810-01Air Resources Board2022 State Area DesignationsRegular (S)
2023-0809-02Air Resources BoardChrome Plating Airborne Toxic Control MeasureRegular (S)
2023-0809-01Delta Stewardship CouncilDelta LeveesRegular Resubmittal (SR)
2023-0808-03California Horse Racing BoardProhibited Veterinary PracticesEmergency Readopt (EE)
2023-0808-02Department of Human ResourcesConflict-of-Interest CodeFile and Print Only (FP)
2023-0808-01California Film CommissionCalifornia Soundstage Filming Tax Credit ProgramEmergency (E)
2023-0804-03State Water Resources Control BoardLos Cerritos Channel Watershed Indicator Bacteria TMDL and SuspensionRegular (S)
2023-0804-02Commission on Teacher CredentialingPK-3 ECE Specialist Instruction CredentialRegular (S)
2023-0804-01Department of Food and AgricultureZeugodacus tau Interior Quarantine, Zeugodacus tau Eradication AreaEmergency (E)
2023-0803-03Secretary of StateBallot CountingRegular (S)
2023-0803-02Environmental Protection AgencyImplementation of the Unified ProgramRegular (S)
2023-0803-01Bureau of Real Estate AppraisersControlling Person RequirementsRegular (S)
2023-0802-04Office of the State Public DefenderConflict-of-Interest CodeFile and Print Only (FP)
2023-0802-03Board of Pilot CommissionersPilot Fatigue Prevention RegulationsRegular (S)
2023-0802-02Agricultural Labor Relations BoardCannabis: Labor Peace AgreementsRegular (S)
2023-0802-01California Debt Limit Allocation CommitteeAdoption of Emergency RegulationsEmergency (E)
2023-0801-05Department of ConservationSelection of Professional Service FirmsRegular (S)
2023-0801-04Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingAmend Training and Testing Specifications-LD 3Regular (S)
2023-0801-03Department of Food and AgricultureStandardization ProgramFile and Print Only (FP)
2023-0801-02California Energy CommissionAmendments without Regulatory EffectNonsubstantive (N)
2023-0731-01Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingAmend Commission Regulation 1953, Mandate PHSRegular (S)
2023-0728-03Secretary of StateElection Observations Rights and ResponsibilitiesRegular (S)
2023-0728-01California Coastal CommissionConflict of InterestFile and Print Only (FP)
2023-0727-01Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Non-Substantive Changes - Deletion of DJJ TerminologyNonsubstantive (N)
2023-0725-01Board of Governors, California Community CollegesDirect Cost Recovery for Public Use of College Facilities & GroundsPrint Only (P)
2023-0724-01Department of InsuranceWorkers' Compensation Classification/Rating RulesFile and Print Only (FP)
2023-0721-03Department of Social ServicesGroup Homes for Children with Special Healthcare NeedsCertificate of Compliance (C)
2023-0721-02Department of Toxic Substances ControlImport/Export Recovery and Disposal Operation Code ChangesNonsubstantive (N)
2023-0721-01Commission on Teacher CredentialingCost Recovery Fees for Program Approval and AccreditationRegular (S)
2023-0720-02Office of the State Fire MarshalAutomatic Extinguishing Systems Program Fee IncreaseRegular (S)
2023-0720-01Department of Food and AgricultureBovine Trichomonosis Control ProgramRegular (S)
2023-0719-01Air Resources BoardVapor Recovery Certification AmendmentsRegular (S)
2023-0718-05Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingMinimum Standards for Training - BCWRegular (S)
2023-0718-04Agricultural Labor Relations BoardFiling and service requirements, unfair labor practice proceedings,Regular Resubmittal (SR)
2023-0718-03Department of Motor VehiclesIdentification Cards Reduced Fee and No FeeNonsubstantive (N)
2023-0718-02Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingAmendments to Commission Regulations 1950 and 1953Regular (S)
2023-0718-01Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Level IV 180/270 Design Housing FacilityRegular (S)
2023-0717-02Department of Social ServicesSingle License Child Care CenterRegular Resubmittal (SR)
2023-0717-01California Department of Tax and Fee AdministrationMarketplace SalesRegular (S)
2023-0714-03California Coastal CommissionAnnual increases to permit fees & major public works thresholdNonsubstantive (N)
2023-0714-01Board of OptometryContinuing Education: Purpose and RequirementsRegular (S)
2023-0713-01Department of Veterans AffairsNonveteran Continued ResidencyRegular (S)
2023-0712-02Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingTraining & Testing Specifications for LD 14Regular (S)
2023-0712-01Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Institutional Executive Review CommitteeRegular (S)
2023-0711-03Department of InsuranceStandard Prescription Drug Formulary TemplateNonsubstantive (N)
2023-0711-02Board of Registered NursingCoursework Exemptions for Out-of-State ApplicantsRegular (S)
2023-0711-01New Motor Vehicle BoardCase ManagementNonsubstantive (N)
2023-0710-01Contractors State License BoardCivil Penalty Increase for Disciplinary ActionNonsubstantive (N)
2023-0707-01Air Resources BoardIn-Use Off-Road Diesel-Fueled Fleets RegulationRegular (S)
2023-0706-01Superintendent of Public InstructionUniform Complaint ProceduresNonsubstantive (N)
2023-0705-02Department of Corrections and RehabilitationTemporary Cameras in Inmate Hospital RoomsRegular (S)
2023-0703-03Board of Forestry and Fire ProtectionNorthern Spotted Owl Take Avoidance Pathways and HabitatRegular (S)
2023-0703-02Department of Motor VehiclesBusiness Partner Administration: Customer FeeNonsubstantive (N)
2023-0703-01Fish and Game CommissionKlamath River Basin Sport Fishing 2023Regular (S)
2023-0629-02Department of Social Services2 yr. Establish. Timeframe for CalWORKs Nonfraudulent OverpaymentsCertificate of Compliance (C)