Recent Actions Taken By OAL On Proposed Regulations

The Office of Administrative Law (OAL) reviews rulemakings proposed by state agencies to ensure compliance with the Administrative Procedure Act.  Actions are taken by OAL on rulemakings almost daily. These include actions on a variety of rulemakings, including regular rulemakings and emergency rulemakings, as well as other types of actions pursuant to statutes or regulations.  The table below contains an alphabetical list, by agency, of recent actions taken by OAL on proposed regulations in the past 45 days, including the OAL File Number, Subject of Rulemaking and File Type.

For more information about the list below, please contact the OAL Reference Attorney at or (916) 323-6815. 

OAL File Number Agency Subject of Rulemaking File Type
2022-0623-01Fish and Game CommissionRecreational Sub-bag Limits for Vermilion, Copper & QuillbackEmergency Readopt (EE)
2022-0620-04Department of Social ServicesAnnual Redeterminations AB79 2020Emergency File and Print Only (EFP)
2022-0620-02Department of Alcoholic Beverage ControlDrawing for Priority of Obtaining Limited General LicensesRegular Resubmittal (SR)
2022-0620-01Department of Public HealthIndustrial Hemp FeesEmergency File and Print Only (EFP)
2022-0617-02Board of Parole HearingsProceedings Conducted In Person and By VideoconferenceEmergency Readopt (EE)
2022-0616-05Education Audit Appeals PanelAudits of K-12 LEAs - FY 2022-23Emergency (E)
2022-0616-03Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric TechniciansProgram Approval ProcessEmergency (E)
2022-0613-01Dental Board of CaliforniaDentists Initiating and Administering VaccinesEmergency (E)
2022-0610-01California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing AuGoGreen Home Energy Financing ProgramEmergency Readopt (EE)
2022-0609-01Department of Public HealthNewborn Screening Program Fee Increase 2022Emergency File and Print Only (EFP)
2022-0608-01Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Release AllowancesEmergency Operational Necessity (EON)
2022-0607-02Franchise Tax BoardConflict-of-Interest CodeFile and Print Only (FP)
2022-0606-03State Water Resources Control BoardWater Demand Reduction Emergency RegulationEmergency (E)
2022-0601-01Department of Public HealthAdult Day Health Care CenterNonsubstantive (N)
2022-0531-01Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Employee DisciplineEmergency Operational Necessity (EON)
2022-0527-04Department of Toxic Substances ControlChemically Treated Metal Shredder ResidueEmergency Readopt (EE)
2022-0527-02Board of Forestry and Fire ProtectionSanta Cruz and San Mateo Weekend Emergency (2nd Readoption)Emergency Readopt (EE)
2022-0526-03Department of Resources Recycling and RecoveryCovered Electronic Waste Recovery and Recycling Payment RatesFile and Print Only (FP)
2022-0526-01Office of Energy Infrastructure and SafetyProcess & procedure, document management, enforcementEmergency Readopt (EE)
2022-0525-03Department of Cannabis ControlWaivers for Commercial Cannabis Licensing FeesEmergency Readopt (EE)
2022-0524-02Fish and Game CommissionOcean salmon recreational fishing 2022-23 seasonPrint Only (P)
2022-0524-01Department of Corrections and RehabilitationStaff Misconduct AllegationsEmergency Operational Necessity (EON)
2022-0519-03Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingCommission Regulation 1081- Campus L.E. CourseRegular (S)
2022-0518-02Department of JusticeFirearm Precursor Part Authorization ProgramRegular (S)
2022-0518-01State Water Resources Control BoardEmergency Curtailment Regulation to Protect Water Supplies in theEmergency Readopt (EE)
2022-0517-02Air Resources BoardClean Cars 4 allFile and Print Only (FP)
2022-0517-01Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingUpdate POST-Certified Requalification Course Hour Requirement,Nonsubstantive (N)
2022-0516-02Department of Fish and WildlifeForm DFW901 Declaration of ImportationRegular (S)
2022-0516-01California Horse Racing BoardNon-Substantive Changes to Minisatellite License ApplicationNonsubstantive (N)
2022-0513-02 department of housing and community developmentIncome Limits (Title 25, Section 6932)File and Print Only (FP)
2022-0513-01Commission on Teacher CredentialingExamination FeesRegular (S)
2022-0512-01California Gambling Control Commission180-Day ExtensionRegular (S)
2022-0511-01Department of Corrections and RehabilitationYouth Parole Eligible DateEmergency Operational Necessity (EON)
2022-0510-01Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingAmend Course Certification Regulations 1052, 1055, 1059, 1070Regular (S)
2022-0509-04Department of Real EstateDiscriminatory Conduct - Basis for DisciplineRegular (S)
2022-0509-03Board of PsychologyRetired License StatusRegular (S)
2022-0509-02Department of ConservationConflict-of-InterestFile and Print Only (FP)
2022-0509-01Occupational Safety and Health (Cal-OSHA) DivisionDefinition of Normal ConsumptionEmergency Readopt (EE)
2022-0506-02Department of State HospitalsProperty Transfer Between PatientsRegular (S)
2022-0504-01Board of PharmacyAdvanced Practice PharmacistNonsubstantive (N)
2022-0503-05California Prison Industry AuthorityInmate Workforce AllocationNonsubstantive (N)
2022-0503-04California Prison Industry AuthorityRecruitment and Appointment ProcessNonsubstantive (N)
2022-0503-03California Prison Industry AuthorityInmate Worker Controlled Substances/Alcohol AbuseNonsubstantive (N)
2022-0503-02Office of Environmental Health Hazard AssessmentProposition 65 No Significant Risk Level (NSRL) 1,3-DichloropropeneRegular (S)
2022-0503-01Division of Workers' CompensationCopy Service Rate ScheduleFile and Print Only (FP)
2022-0502-03California Prison Industry AuthorityCalPIA Incarcerated Individuals Worker Hiring Standards &Nonsubstantive (N)
2022-0502-02Office of the State Fire MarshalFlame Retardant - Fee IncreaseRegular (S)
2022-0502-01Dental Board of CaliforniaAnesthesia and Sedation PermitsRegular (S)
2022-0429-01Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Offender with a Mental Health DisorderNonsubstantive (N)
2022-0428-03Department of FinanceConflict of Interest CodeFile and Print Only (FP)
2022-0428-02Dental Hygiene Board of CaliforniaProcess for Approval of a New RDH Educational ProgramNonsubstantive (N)
2022-0428-01California Architects BoardEducation and Training/Practice CreditsRegular Resubmittal (SR)
2022-0427-05ScholarShare Investment BoardCalifornia Kids Investment and Development Savings ProgramRegular (S)
2022-0427-04Commission on Teacher CredentialingNew Education Specialist CredentialsRegular Resubmittal (SR)
2022-0427-03San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development CommissionEnforcement Procedures RegulationsRegular Resubmittal (SR)
2022-0427-01Office of Environmental Health Hazard AssessmentChemicals Required by State or Federal Law to Have Been Tested forFile and Print Only (FP)
2022-0426-04Fair Political Practices CommissionEligibility Requirements and ConsiderationsFPPC
2022-0426-03California Department of Tax and Fee AdministrationApplication of the Fee Collection Procedures LawNonsubstantive (N)
2022-0426-02California Prison Industry AuthorityParticipationNonsubstantive (N)
2022-0426-01California Health Facilities Financing AuthorityCommunity Services Infrastructure Grant ProgramRegular (S)
2022-0425-05Department of Corrections and RehabilitationOff-Duty FirearmsRegular Resubmittal (SR)
2022-0425-03California State UniversityIntersegmental General Education Transfer CurriculumFile and Print Only (FP)
2022-0425-02California State UniversityDiscontinuation of Standardized Examininations for CSU AdmissionsFile and Print Only (FP)
2022-0425-01California Prison Industry AuthoritySeverabilityNonsubstantive (N)
2022-0422-08Board of Forestry and Fire ProtectionSubstantially Damaged Consistency AmendmentsRegular (S)
2022-0422-07Department of Social ServicesRepeal of the Consecutive Day Rule in Homeless AssistanceCertificate of Compliance (C)
2022-0422-06Department of Developmental ServicesParticipant Directed ServicesRegular (S)
2022-0422-05Department of Social ServicesChild Support in Lieu of CalWORKs GrantCertificate of Compliance (C)
2022-0422-04Alcoholic Beverage Control Appeals BoardAlcoholic Beverage Control Administrative Appeals ProcessRegular Resubmittal (SR)
2022-0422-03Physical Therapy Board of CaliforniaGuidelines for Issuing Citations and Imposing Discipline (Amend)Nonsubstantive (N)
2022-0421-04San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development CommissionImplementation of California Environmental Quality ActRegular (S)
2022-0421-02Department of Food and AgricultureEmerald Ash Borer Exterior QuarantineCertificate of Compliance (C)
2022-0421-01Contractors State License BoardDefinitions: Bona Fide Employee; Direct Supervision and ControlNonsubstantive (N)
2022-0420-01California Prison Industry AuthorityCalifornia Prison Industry AuthorityNonsubstantive (N)
2022-0419-02California Prison Industry AuthorityDefinitionsNonsubstantive (N)
2022-0419-01Fish and Game CommissionCommercial Harvest of Kelp and other Aquatic PlantRegular (S)
2022-0415-02Department of Alcoholic Beverage ControlDrawings for Priority of Obtaining Limited General LicensesRegular (S)
2022-0414-02Department of Health Care Access and InformationHospital Supplier Diversity Reporting ProgramRegular (S)
2022-0413-02Commission on Peace Officer Standards and TrainingPeace Officer and Dispatcher Selection StandardsRegular (S)
2022-0413-01Department of Motor VehiclesTraffic Violator SchoolsRegular (S)
2022-0411-01California Debt Limit Allocation CommitteeQualified Residential Rental Project (QRRP) ProgramCertificate of Compliance (C)
2022-0408-01Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensers BoaBoard Location (Permit Reform Act)Nonsubstantive (N)
2022-0407-03Veterinary Medical BoardUpdated FeesNonsubstantive (N)
2022-0406-03Department of Food and AgricultureVSV Entry RequirementsRegular (S)
2022-0406-02Department of Managed Health CareAnnual, Quarterly, and Monthly Financial ReportingRegular (S)
2022-0405-02Department of JusticeRevised California Tobacco Directory FormsRegular Resubmittal (SR)
2022-0127-01Board of PsychologyContinuing Professional DevelopmentRegular Resubmittal (SR)
2022-0121-04Division of Labor Standards EnforcementAssessment of Civil Penalities for RetaliationRegular (S)
2022-0121-01Office of Emergency ServicesPrivate Fire Prevention ResurcesRegular (S)
2021-1230-02Department of Financial Protection and InnovationCommercial Financing DisclosuresRegular (S)
2021-1228-04Department of Social ServicesReasonable and Prudent Parent Standard and Healthy Sexual DevelopmentRegular (S)
2021-1207-04Dental Board of CaliforniaCalifornia Dentistry Law and Ethics ExaminationRegular (S)