Section 280 Certifications Issued in 2024

For information on Section 280 Certifications, or to request a copy of a specific Section 280 Certification, please contact Margaret Molina at 916-324-6044, or email at

2024 SECTION 280 Number 1
File Number: CTU2023-0911-01
Agency: Department of State Hospitals 
Filed with the Secretary of State on January 8, 2024
Challenged Rule: Administrative Directive 644 contains information regarding financial guidance for patients, deposit of patient funds, disbursements to patients, special purpose trust accounts for patients, and notary services within the facility

2024 SECTION 280 Number 2
File Number: CTU2023-1206-02
Agency: Department of Cannabis Control 
Filed with the Secretary of State on February 5, 2024
Challenged Rule: Five documents containing information regarding a new transfer approval process within the cannabis track and trace system