Underground Regulation Petitions Under Review

Listed below are the underground regulation petitions that are currently under review by OAL. This list also contains timeframes and deadlines associated with each underground regulations petition. Information on this list is updated approximately every two weeks so some recently submitted matters may not yet be shown.

Please Note: If a petition is incomplete, a petitioner has 60 days to complete the petition. In addition, there are applicable dates concerning publishing the petition in the Notice Register, the public comment period, timeframe for agency response and completion deadline for OAL’s determination for petitions that are accepted.

OAL File NumberSubjectAgencyPetitionerOutcome/
CTU2019-0923-01Non-Designated Programming Facility Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Joseph R. McCoyAccept11/22/201902/07/202003/09/202003/23/202006/08/2020
CTU2019-0930-01DOM Section 52060.6Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Daniel AcedoAccept12/02/20212/13/202001/13/202001/27/202004/13/2020
CTU2019-1211-01Amended Non-Designated Programming Facility Expansions for 2018/19; Memorandum dated September 10, 2018Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation David A. PerysianAccept2/10/202002/07/202003/09/202003/23/202006/08/2020
CTU2020-0218-01Responsibility of EmployeesDepartment of Corrections and Rehabilitation George HamiltonUnder Review04/20/2020
CTU2020-0224-01Nursing Procedure Manual; Number 307.0, dated February 14, 2019Department of State HospitalsVadim S. MiesegaesUnder Review04/24/2020
CTU2020-0224-02Property Registration and DispositionDepartment of Corrections and Rehabilitation Travon Freeman Under Review04/24/2020
CTU2020-0302-01Correctional Offender Management Profiling Alternative Sanctions Exclusionary Criteria and Process, Memo dated August 19, 2015Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Julio HerreaUnder Review05/01/2020
CTU2020-0302-02Inmate Orientation HandbookBoard of State and Community CorrectionsSalvador VenegasUnder Review05/01/2020
CTU2020-0303-01Local Government Cannabis Business TaxesCalifornia Department of Tax and Fee AdministrationKatherine Allen, Esq.Under Review05/04/2020
CTU2020-0310-01California Homemade Food Act Manual (Q&A)Department of Public HealthMarina Bay Bakery LLCUnder Review05/11/2020
CTU2020-0312-01DOM Supplement 53130, Inmate Work/Training Incentive ProgramDepartment of Corrections and Rehabilitation Shavougue MasonUnder Review05/11/2020
CTU2020-0313-01Rule Violation ReportDepartment of Corrections and Rehabilitation Alfred R. SosaUnder Review05/12/2020
CTU2020-0319-01Memorandum dated June 23, 1998; Clarification of "Stacking" as Related to the Inmate Disciplinary ProcessDepartment of Corrections and Rehabilitation Willie M. Clay Under Review05/18/2020