California Code of Regulations (CCR)


The California Code of Regulations (CCR), is the official compilation and publication of the regulations adopted, amended or repealed by state agencies pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act (APA). Properly adopted regulations that have been filed with the Secretary of State have the force of law.

The CCR is compiled into Titles and organized into Divisions containing the regulations of state agencies.

The CCR is available from a variety of sources:

  • Online. OAL contracts with Barclays, a division of Thomson-Reuters to provide a free online version of the Official CCR. If you have difficulties accessing the CCR website, please e-mail OAL at or contact Barclays at 1-888-728-7677. (See Browsing Tips below.)
  • Most County Clerks and County Law Libraries have printed copies of the CCR.
  • State depository libraries also have a copy of the CCR.
  • To order a hard-copy version of the CCR or purchase individual Titles, please contact Barclays, publisher of the Official CCR, at 1-888-728-7677.

Historical information on Regulations

For information on how to find past versions of a regulation, please click here.

CAUTION regarding Official Code of Regulations:

Government Code section 11344 requires OAL to provide for the official compilation, printing and publication of state regulations in the California Code of Regulations. The online CCR contains the full text of the California Code of Regulations. OAL updates the official hard-copy and online versions of the code once weekly to reflect newly adopted, amended or repealed regulations. OAL cannot verify the authenticity of regulations downloaded from websites other than, or confirm whether those versions reflect the existing content of the code.

CCR Browsing Tips:

Pop-Up Blocker/Westlaw: If a yellow “pop-up blocker detected” screen appears, you may simply click on “continue to weblinks” to access the online CCR.  If a window appears stating “Westlaw is unable to accept your password,” clear cookies and close your browser before trying again.

Documents in Sequence: The Documents in Sequence function at the bottom of each section will allow you to view CCR sections in sequence. For example, if you retrieve 1 CCR § 260, click Docs in Sequence to view 1 CCR § 270. Use the Prev and Next arrows located at the bottom of the document to view other consecutive documents.



Title 24, the Building Standards Code, is maintained by the Building Standards Commission, not by OAL, and is not included in the on-line CCR or printed CCR. To locate a copy of Title 24, please contact the Building Standards Commission