Rulemaking Forms

Form STD. 400

The Form STD. 400 is used by state agencies for any notices submitted to the Office of Administrative that the agency requests to be published in the California Regulatory Notice Register. The Form STD 400 is also used by state agencies for any rulemaking activities submitted to the Office of Administrative for review.

Form STD. 399

The Form STD. 399 is a Department of Finance form and is required for regular and emergency rulemaking actions. Requirements for the Form STD 399 are found in the State Administrative Manual, sections 6600 through 6615.

  • STD-399: Economic and Fiscal Impact Statement – Regulations and Orders

Delegations of Authority

The Form STD.400 and Form STD 399 must be signed by a person designated by statute or an appropriate designee of that person. The Office of Administrative Law provides the following delegation of authority forms as a convenience to agencies wishing to designate such authority. Use of these specific forms is optional and agencies are free to use their own delegations.