OAL Determinations Issued in 2019

For information on Determinations, or to request a copy of a specific Determination, please contact Margaret Molina at 916-323-6044, or email at mmolina@oal.ca.gov.

2019 OAL Determination Number 1(S)

Filed with the Secretary of State on January 18, 2019
Agency: Department of State Hospitals
Challenged Rule: DSH-C Hospital Specific Contraband Justification, Issued by Department of State Hospitals, Coalinga

2019 OAL Determination Number 2(S)

Filed with the Secretary of State on April 19, 2019
Agency: Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation 
Challenged Rule: Memorandum dated February 1, 2019, titled “Incentive Modification to Split Tier Programming.”