Section 280 Certifications Issued in 2007

2007 SECTION 280 NO. 1 (pdf)
Re: CTU2007-0306-01
Agency: Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
Filed with the Secretary of State on May 14, 2007
Challenged Rule:   CDCR Administrative Bulletin AB 91/15 and Deputy Director Memorandum 56-02
(Regarding an Inmate’s Ability to Transfer)

2007 SECTION 280 NO. 2 (pdf)
Re: CTU2007-0516-01
Agency: Department of Health Services
Filed with the Secretary of State on June 5, 2007
Challenged Rule: Department of Health Services Policy Memorandum 99-001 (Regarding the Use of Reduced Pressure Devices (RPs) on Greywater Irrigation Systems)

2007 SECTION 280 NO. 3 (pdf)
Re: CTU2007-0712-01
Agency: Department of Justice, Bureau of Firearms
Filed with the Secretary of State on September 21, 2007
Challenged Rule: California Department of Justice Information (Regarding the Sale/Possession of Unnamed AR-15/AK 47 “Series” Firearms), dated May 9, 2006